When I Grow Up

During the winter of 2021/22, my brother Ben and I made an album together. You can listen to it here, and read more about how it all happened.

Hard Shoulder Lessons

2021: A year of lessons, experiences and thoughts...

Ten Problems For Ten Months

Van-life is often glamorised, but what about the times when it doesn't quite work out?

The Film Safe: Interview with Tim Wilson

An in-depth chat about film photography, and about cycling the length of the UK for charity.

Stade Magazine - Life On The Road with Tim Wilson

Van-living: the perceived glamour vs unpredictable reality. The blissful headwinds and bumps in the road of a nomadic lifestyle.

More Like Them Podcast - Episode 1 with Tim Wilson

A half-hour conversation on creativity, emotions, and why we should take more inspiration from children. A podcast by Jacob Martin.

Cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats

One tent, two brothers, three weeks, 1200 miles. Cycling the length of the United Kingdom. And the most incredible experience of my life.

Starting Off On The Wrong Foot Is Usually Better Than Not Starting At All

Why water damaging my digital camera was possibly the best thing that happened for my photography.