Hi there, welcome to my website.

I'm currently far away from my laptop.

I am cycling around Europe with my girlfriend Willow; we are living out of a tent, seeing a lot of things and taking a lot of photos.
I hope to share more when I get back to England at some point this summer.

In the meantime, you can zoom in and check out the pins on the map below to see roughly where we are and where we've been.
You won't see where we are going - I don't even know that yet.
If you click on each pin you will hopefully see a photo from the pin's location. (I am updating the map every couple of days or so).

Feel free to scroll down this page for some of my favourite photos from last year.
If you'd like, you can also see the links in the main menu to find out a little bit more about my photos, music and projects. 
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Thanks for stopping by.
See you soon.
Tim Wilson


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